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What we do

Axiom Venture Capital's Partners have a successful track record working with high-growth business entities and the entrepreneurs driving them.

Our experience, combined with the resources available through our various networks are available for working with entrepreneurs and their teams to formulate business ideas, to create valid business models and plans, to raise necessary capital from various resources including the funds we manage and to focus these resources on building outstanding businesses that really make a difference.

We invest our time and money in people. We see our business as a people-business. Venture Capital is "patient capital"; it is not about a "quick buck". By working as people with people, we create the best returns for all stakeholders: owners, employees, customers, society and the environment.

A start-up business, with a handful of people and with limited financial resources needs to be resourceful. We employ our combined resources to help come up with the brightest ideas, winning strategies and the most useful feedback possible.

Axiom's Partners have lived and worked in numerous European countries and beyond. We speak many European languages and understand the different cultures. We believe in a straightforward business culture and give our partners our frank opinions. All with the objective to create successful enterprises, able to play an important role in tackling the sustainability issues the world is faced with today.