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Dr. Krasnoholovets is a scientific advisor to Axiom Venture Capital. He is a pre-eminent condensed matter physicist and is attached to the Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences, in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Dr. Krasnoholovets has a wide range of research interests but is most known for his Inerton Theory, a theory of physics built on a mathematical model of real space. From this model, well known equations such as the Maxwell and Newton equations can be derived. The model explains adequately concepts such as mass, gravity, spin, charge and nuclear forces. His theory promises to open a new chapter in the understanding of fundamental physics.

Dr. Krasnoholovets is commercialising the technologies that follow from his Inerton Theory through a company set up in collaboration with Axiom Venture Capital: Indra Scientific, where he holds the position of Chief Scientist.

Dr.Krasnoholovets professional interests include fundamental physics and the practical applications of its understanding, pyramid research and the understanding of physics by ancient societies. He is deeply committed to making the world a better place.

Dr. Krasnoholovets can be reached at: vk[at]indra-scientific.com. His personal web page can be visited by clicking here.